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Eva Does Serious Damage -- $3,800 To Be Exact

Eva Longoria went on a big-time shopping spree to find the right outfit for boyfriend Tony Parker's NBA playoff games.

Longoria spent hours at the Harmony Boutique in Beverly Hills, trying on dresses and accessories. In the midst of her retail frenzy, Longoria called friend and fellow shopaholic Jessica Simpson on her cellphone to let her in on the store's fab items.

Check out the 'Desperate' diva's $3,821 bill.

  • James top by NAO $160
  • Tricia Fix dress $264
  • Sweeties dress with attached belt $129
  • Tart dress with turquoise straps $159
  • Dress with brooch by Karen Zambos $399
  • Studded top by Plenty $89
  • V neck top with gold buttons by Tart $69
  • White shawl wrap by Fifi Tee $105
  • Linq V neck tee (3 colors) $68/each $204.00 total
  • Linq tank top (4 colors) $58/each $232.00 total
  • Augustine jacket in blue $159
  • Gilbert Gilmore pants (3 colors) $219/each $657.00 total
  • Black and gold polka dot dress by Voom $239
  • Linq skirt (2 colors) $128/each $256.00 total
  • Robyn Rhodes Scarlett large green quartz necklace $138
  • Robyn Rhodes Traci Blue mother of pearl square necklace $206
  • Robyn Rhodes Liz Blue chalcedony within a hoop earring $110
  • Robyn Rhodes Felice coral hoop earrings $156
Grand Total: $3,821.00